Let's help Talibe'children and youth in their path towards social reintegration

What we do?

Let’s try to give trust, assistance, integration and future to the Talibè young people victim of exploitation and social exclusion.

a) we offer twice a week a free space for recreation and happiness;

b) we utilize sport - a football school – to help them to direct their energy and talents: we want to develop their self-confidence and trust in the others;

c) we provide medical assistance;

d) we offer them twice a week a good and healthy breakfast;

e) we initiate a psychological path through reading and re-elaboration of their condition of victims of slavery and social exclusion and offer them a perspective of a better future.

Our action is small but very significant: at times it is a phenomenon that appears with no way out, but we are helping somehow the development and the realization of these young people as human beings.

We are now also operating with the seven first young people ex-Talibés who have exceeded exploitation: two attend morning classes of hydraulics and one tayloring, while three young people attend literacy classes in the morning thanks to the support of the Croatian group Martina Udženija with love for kids of Senegal.

For whom?

The Talibe’children  with whom we work are today around 80.


In Senegal, thousands of children (50.000 only in Dakar) are entrusted by their parents to particular Koranic schools called daaras run by the Marabouts (“teachers”). These children are known as Talibés (“students”). They are particular schools where Coran should be taught, but in reality the children are exploited sending them during the day to ask for money or food. If the talibés do not bring to the school the quantity of money or food requested, they are punished with terrible punishments. The problem behind the existence of the talibés phenomenon is cultural, linked to the spread belief of the families that this practice is an effective way of educating children to the reality of life. In truth we are facing a modern form of exploitation of children’s labour. Furthermore, on top of the phenomenon of the Talibes there is the issue of the “children in street situation” because every year hundreds of talibés run away from the daaras to escape from violence and a heavy life. These forms of slavery and social exclusion are in rapid diffusion and the government is not able to contain them. The only effective actions are those of the NGOs even if they are implemented at a small scale.

What do we want?

The aim of the project is to be able to help these young people to face the social exclusion situation in which they live and plan together with them for a better future.


Dakar - Mi chiamo Cheikh, ho 20 anni, sono a Dakar dal 2010 e provengo da Lingere.

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